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We design our boxes for specific birds to nest in. The boxes have been designed for maximum comfort for the bird. Read more about our design philosophy.

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Craftsman Made. 


With more than 30 years’ bespoke joinery and furniture making behind us, we moved our business to the Peak District and quickly became involved with the thriving local Swift Conservancy Group – a steady demand for specialist Swift and Owl Boxes and a lot of research later and Peak Boxes was hatched.

Find out more about the Craftsman behind the Peak Boxes.

See more of Lester’s work here:


Bespoke Boxes

We are happy to accommodate bespoke box requests. We have build some magnificent boxes that house up to 20 Swifts! Please email us directly, with measurements and photos, for more information.


News & Events

Scroll through the calendar to see upcoming events related to Swifts, Owls and Kestrels. If you would like your event featured, please get in touch.


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